3 days Uganda gorilla trek3 days Uganda gorilla trek3 days Uganda gorilla trek

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Mountain Gorilla tracking is one of the most exciting safari activities in the world and surprisingly Africa turns out to be the only continent with these endangered primates. Mountain Gorillas live in eastern Africa in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Over half of the remaining population lives in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park Uganda with the rest roaming around the Virunga Conservation Area that consists of Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Volcanoes National Park and Virunga National Park. To trek these primates, you are required to have a gorilla permit that usually goes for $400 in Congo, $1500 in Rwanda then $450 and $600 for low and high seasons in Uganda respectively. These permits are sold on first come first serve basis and usually get sold out so quickly especially for places with nice lodging options hence, you are urged to book yours several months in advance so as to phase out any chances of missing out on them. We are here to help you enjoy a Uganda gorilla trekking experience or rather organize for you nothing less than a memorable Rwanda gorilla trekking adventure at the most affordable rates. Allow us extend our knowledge, love for tourism and experience to you and rest be guaranteed of nothing less but the best of an encounter with these primates in their respective habitats.

We have arranged several gorilla tours before especially group gorilla safari holidays in all these national parks and had good experiences so far. We believe you want to get up close with these gorillas for an hour, take photographs, bond with them and watch them smile back at you reason why we try so hard to ensure your experience goes on smoothly. For those who prefer the best accommodation facilities for their trips, we have already established arrangements with top notch lodging facilities that affords us huge discounts on their facilities. Want to know what this mean to you? Whether you opt for an affordable gorilla tracking experience or a luxurious experience, best be guaranteed of extreme comfort whilst on your safari.

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