Feel cheated by visiting a single country for your gorilla watching safari? Combined safaris will let you visit two or more countries in a single trip. This way you will get a chance to explore more places, carry out more activities, spend more days travelling and probably draw comparisons in the end. Uganda Rwanda safaris are one of the best combos especially to those that want to meet mountain gorillas. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Volcanoes National Park are just a few hours away from each other – approximately 4 hours by road.

These are the best two of the only four mountain gorilla trekking destinations in the world. Combining these two places in your itinerary will reward you the best gorilla encounter. We are an experienced travel company that has organized several successful combined tours to each of these countries in the past and can craft a package for you as well at unbeatable prices. You might have to look at some of our Uganda Rwanda tours below as you plan your adventure.

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